teamlegoOne of my most popular courses is teambuilding with LEGO using the LEGO Serious Play method. If you are looking for an alternative, creative and fun way to help your team to get to know each other better then this training is for you.

I rarely call these sessions ‘teambuilidng’ as it can put participants off – making them feel forced into contributing and reluctant to engage. However under alternative headings, such as ‘creativity and innovation’ and ‘strategic thinking’, course attendees will freely share their experiences of team life. The methodology promotes a positive perspective: celebrating individuals and their unique qualities, being realistic about work stresses and strains, and emphasising what teams have in common rather than what they do not. An end goal of agreeing a future direction and priorities for the team concludes the training on an uplifting note.

These sessions are always enjoyed immensely by attendees, and even the most reluctant or cynical leave workshops converted to their value and surprised by how much they have learned:

‘The LEGO-based training that Andy provided was a huge success for myself and the team. Everyone had a great time, even those who were initially sceptical!’ Beverley Warrington, College Accountant, St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge

‘I was surprised at how interesting and absorbing the session was. Thinking with LEGO is different from all other types of creative thinking and I highly recommend that other people try it. The perceived aim of improving understanding of other members of the team was definitely achieved through this unique medium. Thanks Andy!’ Phil Ashton, Sheffield Hallam University

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Photo credit: asukaru76 via Flickr Creative Commons