‘We are all failures, at least the best of us are.’  J. M. Barrie

Everyone knows that we learn through failure but this knowledge does not change the way we feel about it or our desperate attempts to avoid it. We still see failure as bad thing even though it is rarely a result of negative action on our part.

The intention and approach of my half-day ‘Failure Workshop’ is to help attendees to be more realistic about failure so that they don’t put unnecessary and damaging pressure on themselves in the future and lead by example with others when failure occurs.

Through discussions, group activities and opportunities for personal reflection, attendees will consider:

  • what it means to fail
  • personal and work-based failures
  • the failures of successful people
  • celebrating failure
  • taking risks and building failure into process
  • modelling failure when leading/managing

Below: Attendees at my failure workshop at Teesside University, UK


  • ‘SO much energy & expertise. Really useful & reassuring. Absolutely fantastic.’
  • ‘Wonderful. Lots of takeaways. Lots of food for thought.’
  • ‘As expected from Andy, the workshop was fun and interactive, and informative too.’

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