My published articles on UX (InfoPro Magazine)

Since Spring 2018 I have had a regular column in CILIP’s Information Professional Magazine in which I explore different aspects of UX research and design. I am grateful to CILIP  both for giving me the column and for allowing me to share the articles in their published form here…

  1. Observation: it’s a whole new world (March 2018)
  2. Behavioural Mapping: decisions and desires (April/May 2018)
  3. User Research Interviews: learning to embrace the silence (June 2018)
  4. Affinity Mapping: bringing your research alive (July/August 2018)
  5. Cognitive Maps: instant access to the worlds of your users (September 2018)
  6. Love letters straight to your library (October 2018)
  7. Usability Testing: what do people really do on your website? (November/December 2018)
  8. Prototyping: prioritising user testing and agility over detail (January/February 2019)
  9. The ‘Play Library’ at Kista Bibliotek: a UX prototype (March 2019)
  10. Touchstone Tours (April/May 2019)
  11. Cultural Probes: a deep dive into user experience (June 2019)
  12. Recruiting users & non-users for UX research (July/Aug 2019)
  13. Barriers to UX design: towards a culture of experimentation (September 2019)
  14. Snapshots of experience: photo diaries and elicitation (October 2019)
  15. Get a room!: securing a physical space for UX (November/December 2019)


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