LEGO Serious Play

legotowernew2I  am a trained LEGO Serious Play facilitator and regularly use this innovative methodology to help course participants explore the following topics: teambuilding; change; strategic thinking; leadership; customer relationships; entrepreneurship; creativity and innovation.

Some recent clients include: Schlumberger Gould Research, Bath Spa University, and the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School.

The method is used extensively throughout the world and is grounded in the theories of constructivism (we learn when our experience and ideas interact) and constructionism (we learn when physically making an object). Read more about the method on the LEGO website.

In my experience LEGO Serious Play sessions are always enjoyed by attendees, and even the most reluctant or cynical leave workshops converted to their value and surprised by how much they have learned:

‘I must admit to some thoughts about grown people playing with LEGO but it was possibly one of the most stimulating and interesting training sessions I have been on.’
Bill Simmonett, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

‘I was surprised at how interesting and absorbing the session was. Thinking with LEGO is different from all other types of creative thinking and I highly recommend that other people try it. The perceived aim of improving understanding of other members of the team was definitely achieved through this unique medium. Thanks Andy!’
Phil Ashton, Sheffield Hallam University

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I also offer affordable LEGO Serious Play facilitator training to individuals and groups who want to learn how to use the method to lead workshops themselves.

Email me to find out more about LEGO Serious Play and a workshop that would suit the needs of your event.


Photo credit: Andy Priestner