About me

andyteachingI am an experienced full-time freelance trainer and consultant with a strong portfolio of clients in the academic, public and corporate sector.

I have  particular passion, experience and expertise in: User Experience (UX) Research & Design (methods employed to measure how people really experience and use services); Failure – accepting and embracing failure as an essential part of the journey to success; and LEGO Serious Play – a fun methodology which helps unlocks creativity and innovation. I also train educators and corporate clients as LEGO Serious Play facilitators.

I regularly train and consult all over the world, most regularly in my native UK, Ireland, France, Sweden and Australia.

Prior to going freelance in 2017 I worked as an innovation project manager at Cambridge University Library and a senior administrator at both Cambridge and Oxford University.

Above right: teaching at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

My LinkedIn profile contains more information on my experience and interests:

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Photo credit: Ange Fitzpatrick
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